Smith Creek Park in Wilmington, NC

Smith Creek Park in Wilmington, NC, is a beautiful and inviting public park situated on the banks of the Cape Fear River. The park was originally the site of a cotton plantation, and it has undergone various renovations since its first acquisition in the 1970s. Smith Creek Park is now home to a 10-acre pond, picnic areas, walking paths, fishing piers, and nature trails. The expansive views of the river and the lush forests of the park make it a perfect getaway for picnics, bike rides, bird watching, or just relaxing in the sun. Learn more here.

The Cape Fear River has been integral to the park’s history since its initial purchase by the City of Wilmington in 1972. The abundance of recreational opportunities for anglers and families makes Smith Creek Park a popular choice for visitors. Fishing is particularly enjoyable from the two fishing piers located at the park, offering easy access to the river while allowing visitors to take in the views of the surrounding marshlands. The 10-acre pond located in the heart of the park offers the perfect place to have a picnic and soak in the beauty of the area. Heavily shaded by tall trees, the pond is the perfect place to cool down in the summertime. It also provides a great opportunity for families to bond and spend quality time outdoors. There are a variety of picnic tables, grills, and other amenities throughout the park to make the most out of your visit. Learn more about Pages Creek Park Preserve in Wilmington, NC.