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Wilmington Family Paving is a premier parking lot sealcoating and repair company in the Wilmington, NC area. We have over 40 years of experience in the asphalt industry and bring our knowledge and expertise to every repair and maintenance project. Our paving crew is well-equipped for any-size paving and repair project, and serves the entire Orlando area.

High Quality Asphalt Services We Offer

We work with facility managers, property managers, homeowners associations, and business owners to provide excellent repairs and sealcoating they can trust. Our parking lot services include:

Our licensed and bonded crew works diligently to restore and protect the smooth surface of your asphalt pavement. Make sure your parking lot is ready for heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions with our repair, maintenance, and sealcoating services.

What Makes Us a #1 Choice?

From the first phone call or email, we show how we are a professional and reliable company. We offer prompt service and free estimates. Our estimators are happy to meet with you at your job site and go over any questions and concerns you have.

We provide a no-obligation quote so you can freely make your decision. If you decide to move forward, we stay in contact with you throughout the project, so you can be sure the end result will be just what you needed. Finally, every completed project comes with a warranty, so you can have peace of mind hiring us as your paving company.

Prompt Repair Saves You Money

Once an opening forms in your pavement surface, water can infiltrate to the base layers and cause more extensive damage. To prevent costly repairs later, call us for prompt repairs! We will seal cracks, fill potholes, and repair other damage so your parking lot is safe and smooth again.

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Pothole Repair

When a pothole forms in your parking lot, we can perform patching and repair that will suit your needs. Our cold mix patching will provide an instant quick-fix. Or, our cutting and hot mix asphalt patching will be a permanent fix that addresses the underlying cause. Whatever type of repair you need, we can help!

Crack Repair

Crack filling and crack sealing perform two very important roles. Cracks that are still flexing and shifting with the movement of the earth are sealed with a long-lasting flexible rubberized material that prevents water and debris infiltration. Static cracks are often filled with an asphalt material.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Performing regular maintenance on  your parking lots and seal coating with high quality pavement sealer such as coal tar sealer, offers many benefits. It protects your asphalt parking lot from damaging UV rays, staining from oil spills, and boosts curb appeal by restoring that dark black color.

Give us a call or fill out the form to contact us today! We provide free, no-obligation quotes on all of our asphalt services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping with all your paving needs!